SOLIDARITY SATURDAY – tea, cake and community at Maple Farm



The sun may have been shining, but don’t be fooled!  By heck it was still cold as we held our second Solidarity Saturday at Maple Farm on Preston New Road, about one mile from the frack site. It might be fitting here to give a big thank you to the owners for the use of this venue and their unremitting support for our Frack Free groups.

Last week we were dodging showers and had to remain under the polytunnel to keep dry, but today we had a great roadside presence with our banners and signs and plenty of support from passing motorists. The anti fracking rickshaw was strategically placed just outside the entrance, and music gave us all a boost as we held our Frack Free Lancashire boards aloft.

We had some lovely helpers manning the tea stall with fruit, sandwiches and delicious home made tea loaf and welcome hot drinks. RAFF were in attendance with anti fracking stickers/ leaflets and information. Many of the Nanas  and some of our protectors from the new camp came along to lend support and we had some new faces and regulars too.

If you get the chance to pop in, please do….. and if you have friends or acquaintances who oppose fracking, then please invite them along for cake and chat. This is an ideal opportunity for those who have never joined in any anti fracking activities to meet like minded people and get the fracking lowdown!  If we had one in ten of our daily “honk support” passers by, we would have a veritable army…..  and the time to act and get involved is NOW. We have so many marvellous people who brave the weather on a regular basis, but we always need more.16422850_10158043688450562_1082106262534929014_o

IF you aren’t prepared to stand up and be counted as opposing Fracking Lancashire now, when are you going to do it?  The threat is now…. The site preparation is now…. The time to act is NOW.


On a lighter note, if you enjoyed the solidarity sultana scones we had today, here is the recipe for you….



Tips : If the mixture is a little dry , just add some cold water a teaspoon at a time. Do not overwork your dough ( as you work dough you activate the gluten which makes your dough tough), so mix well but quickly. I do a double or treble quantity of everything EXCEPT the salt if I want a bigger batch. To test your scones are cooked, bake for 12 mins and lift one off tray and tap the base. If it sounds hollow, your scones are done.

* photo credit Cheryl Atkinson

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